A local Marae is preparing for a busy planting season this winter.

Tuariki Marae in Te Teko will plant more than 10,000 native trees at the Omataroa Wetland between May and June.

Tuariki Marae has committed to a six-year project to restore 4.5 hectares of willow and gorse-ridden swamp below the Marae into a pristine native wetland.

Chairwomen, Mary Hepi says the project has been made possible after receiving a generous grant from Trust Power and the Rangitaiki Hapu Coalition.

“Manuka, Kanuka, Kowhai, Titoki are just some of the species we will be planting.” She says.

“It’s been a long hot summer and the wetland is in a perfect state to get in there and get planting.”

The Marae will also install over 500meters of boundary fencing to keep stock out.

“We have a constant team of volunteers however we need and want more, as the project is all about encouraging the community to come and get involved.” Mrs. Hepi said.

Tuariki Marae was the recipient of the 2018 Mataatua Sports Marae Award in recognition of their wetland project.

The Omataroa Wetland is located at Tuariki Marae – 322 Galatea Road, Te Teko. For more information, check out the Facebook group: THE OMATAROA WETLAND GROUP