The Ministry of Health has today confirmed a positive case of COVID-19 in the Whakatāne District.

Whakatāne District Mayor Judy Turner says this was not unexpected, however it means now more than ever, we need to protect ourselves, our whānau and friends, and our vulnerable by getting vaccinated and following the systems that we know help protect us.

“Our thoughts are with the local person now experiencing the virus.”

“I ask that people remain calm; and for goodness’ sake, if you’ve been hesitating about getting vaccinated, go and do it now. If you feel unwell; you need to get tested.”

Any locations of interest are loaded onto the Ministry of Health website as soon as they are available and people are advised to check these.

Mayor Turner states, “It is paramount to follow COVID-19 health measures including wearing face coverings, using the COVID-19 tracer app, practicing good cough and sneeze hygiene and getting tested if you have symptoms.”

Current testing locations and hours are listed here:

Current vaccination locations and hours are listed here: