Uzabus has cancelled a number of school bus routes due to restrictions placed on its drivers by the Ministry of Education.

The company said in a statement on their website that due to the evolving situation with Covid-19 all drivers over 70 along with drivers that have a compromised immune system or have underlying health conditions are to stay at home from Monday.

“This decision has had a significant impact on services operated by Uzabus which has resulted in the following School route and SESTA service cancellations effective from this Monday the 23rd March.”

“We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, this is a rapidly changing situation which we will keep you updated on as developments arise.”

The following bus routes have been cancelled:

EBOP2015WHK Int Ohope
EBOP2018Trident Ohope
EBOP2019Ohope Beach
EBOP2084Waimana 2
EBOP2465Waimana 1
EBOP2653Nukuhou North
EBOP2675Waiotahi Valley
EBOP2678St Joes Whakatane
EBOPSES003Kawerau Sesta Run
EBOPSES003.1Kawerau Sesta Run
EBOPSES003.2Kawerau Sesta Run