Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Civil Defence teams continue to monitor weather updates following last night’s rainfall in the Bay of Plenty.

From 4pm today to 6am on Friday the region is now forecast to receive 100-150mm about the ranges and 70-100mm elsewhere. Council flood manager Peter Blackwood says the region’s catchments had up to 100mm rain last night, particularly those in the east, so they are no longer dry.

“Rainfall in the Rangitāiki catchment over the past 24 hours ranged from 13-68mm and averaged 45-50mm. Similarly we have had up to 100mm in the Waioeka and Otara catchments, with only very small rises in river levels and flows.

“It would be prudent for farmers beside the Rangitāiki River and all other Eastern Bay rivers to move their stock to higher ground before nightfall, as the first level warnings may be given during the night,” Peter says.

“People camping in low-lying coastal areas or near rivers and streams should also be aware there may be coastal inundation.”

In response to the rain in the Rangitāiki catchment and forecast heavy rain tonightTrustPower is spilling a small amount of water from the Matahina Dam. The total outflows of 160 cubic metres per second are no greater than the flow under full generation, but the generation flow is currently restricted.

Therefore, this spill will not flood additional land and there is absolutely no flood risk to Edgecumbe,” Peter says. The spillway was opened at 11am today and is releasing 30cu m per second, to reach a lake level of 73.15m by 3.55am tomorrow (Friday).

Prior warning will be given if the spill flow needs to be increased later.

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