The following summarises the known weather impacts on District infrastructure from the ongoing severe weather event.

District roads have been affected by numerous slips, fallen trees or surface flooding.

Roads closed or subject to restricted access as at 10 am include:

  • Mimiha Road
  • Jolly Road
  • Omeheu Road
  • Te Whāiti Road
  • Fermah Road
  • Manawahe Road
  • Stanley Road
  • McCoy Road
  • Troutbeck Road
  • Ruatāhuna Road (north of Te Whāiti).

Access is expected to be restored in most cases by early this afternoon, but in the meantime, the public is advised to avoid these roads and exercise extreme caution on all roads due to the likelihood of further slips.

SH30 is closed west of the intersection with SH34 (Kawerau turn-off) due to slips. Again, access is expected to be restored by this afternoon. We’ve also been advised that the Waimana Gorge section of SH2 is likely to be closed shortly due to rising river levels.

Surface flooding has affected a number of urban areas. Stormwater systems have coped reasonably well, but wastewater pumping stations in a number of areas have been overloaded due to stormwater infiltration. This has caused overflows in some areas, and residents of Whakatāne and Edgecumbe are therefore advised to treat all surface water as potentially contaminated. Council 3-Waters staff are working on the various issues affecting wastewater pumping capacity throughout the District.

Severe weather warnings remain in force through until early Thursday, with a further 80-150 mm of rain possible, on top of the accumulated rainfall thus far (up to 200 mm, depending on location). Local Civil Defence advises all residents to stay off the roads through until 6 am Thursday, unless travel is absolutely necessary.

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