The Rangitāiki River Scheme Review panel is making good progress but has requested more time to process and interpret a large quantity of information before finalising the review report.

The independent Review team, led by Sir Michael Cullen, is looking into the infrastructure and the circumstances that led to the breach of a flood wall and associated flooding through the town of Edgecumbe on 6 April 2017. Bay of Plenty Regional Council commissioned the Review in the days after the event, requesting the report be completed in July.

Regional Council Chair, Doug Leeder, explained the timing

“When I announced this review, I said that it was imperative that the Review was undertaken with all possible speed as we wanted to make sure that any improvements identified could be acted on promptly. And this hasn’t changed for us.

“However, in light of the volume of technical information that the Review panel is processing within the scope of the Terms of Reference, the Review panel has asked for additional time to ensure a considered and thorough response which means that it may be a few more weeks before this review is completed.

“We have accepted the panel’s request for more time because it is important that a comprehensive, quality report is received.”

Sir Michael said that the Review had made good progress and thanked everyone who had provided information and input into the review.

“My panel is carefully and thoroughly reviewing this information and we are confident we will be able to provide the community clarity about what happened and whether things need to be done differently in the future. Due to the volume and technical nature of the information received the Regional Council has agreed to some additional time to allow this to happen,” Sir Michael said.

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