The idea of DRIP come about when I was sitting at my desk at my full time job waiting for 5pm to come around.

Through years of being taught that ‘hard work’ was getting a good, stable job to support my family, I actually started to get frustrated at the fact that I was doing something that I didn’t believe in.

I believe in happiness and self love and I knew working 8am – 5pm, doing a job I don’t enjoy, having to put on a front for customers and always needing to listen and do what the boss expects,

I had to come up with something that will serve me and my inner health. I wrote down what I love, what will make income and what will serve the community and others. Chocolate cookies! I love chocolate cookies! Can you sell chocolate cookies? Hell yes!

Even though I’ve never baked in my life. And how will it serve others?

Well a big goal of mine has always been to own a store of some kind that is child friendly. A store that welcomes families and is a safe atmosphere for adults to let their children be who they are while enjoying delicious desserts without worrying about what others may think.

Being a mother of 3, I can admit that I don’t take my babies to many restaurants because there’s a perception of what children need to act like in public areas, taking away their true personalities and happiness for our own selfish reasons.

So, after figuring out that I want to sell cookies, I quit my full time job almost the very next day.

To follow along with what I believe in – happiness. And here we are! So for now, we will continue to grow at the Whakatane Sunday Markets until we reach our goal.

Radine and James are the creators and bakers behind DRIP