With game bird hunting season starting on Saturday, Police is reminding people to be vigilant about safety.

“We encourage everyone heading out shooting this season to refresh themselves on the seven rules of firearm safety ,” says Acting Superintendent Mike McIlraith, Officer in Charge: Arms Safety and Control.

“It’s also a really good idea to make sure you’re familiar with your firearm and have checked it to ensure it’s working correctly, especially if it’s been in secure storage since last season.

Where it has a safety catch, ensure that it is operating properly.

“Of course, the best safety catch of all is not having your finger inside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.”

Anybody handling a firearm should always treat it as loaded; that means always pointing the firearm in a safe direction and checking your firing zone.

When your firearm is not in use, Police would encourage people to take chamber flags with them and insert them in the breach.

“Please make sure your firearms are never left unattended in your vehicle.

“We know that going hunting with your mates is fun and having a drink afterwards with your mates is a good way to celebrate the day.

Please just keep these two activities separate.

“We want safety to be your focus this duck shooting season, so you and your mates have a safe and successful season.”

More hunting safety information can be found here.

Hunters of all levels of experience are encouraged to look at this material.

Seven Basic Firearms Safety Rules:
1.    Treat every firearm as loaded
2.    Always point firearms in a safe direction
3.    Load a firearm only when ready to fire
4.    Identify your target beyond all doubt
5.    Check your firing zone
6.    Store firearms and ammunition safely
7.    Avoid alcohol and drugs when handling firearms.