Whakatane Police are responding to an incident at Taiwhakaea.

Police were called just after 11am  after a man was seen with a gun.

Police cordons have been set up at the intersection of Golflinks Road and Thornton Road.

#Update: 12.30PM 

A caller into NewsWhakatane  reported three Police vans traveling from Tauranga towards Whakatane under lights and sirens.

#Update:  12.40PM 

Police are now at the scene and are stopping motorists from traveling towards the airport and the golf club.

More details soon.

#Update: 12.55PM

A number of police vehicles under lights and sirens were seen traveling towards Whakatane from Rotorua.

#Update: 1.05PM 

The Police armed offenders squad are in attendance.

#Update: 1.28PM

The Police Armed Offenders Squad from Rotorua and Tauranga are at the scene.


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