The NZ Pig Hunting Association is supporting calls by the Game Animal Council and New Zealand Deerstalkers Association for the Government to consider allowing hunting under Alert Level 3.

“We see no reason why, under the conditions proposed by the Game Animal Council, pig hunting cannot resume under Alert Level 3,” says NZPHA Executive Member Geoff Fitzgerald.

Those conditions are:

  • Hunters must stay within their region.
  • Experienced hunters may undertake day hunts close to home and in areas they are familiar with. This is not the time to be learning how to hunt or embarking on overnight hunts.
  • People may only hunt with others in their bubble.
  • Firearms safety must be paramount.
  • Hunters must create a safety plan including location, estimated return time and keep a log of who they come into contact with.

“There is no doubt that pig hunting can be undertaken safely and while maintaining the social distancing requirements necessary to stamp out COVID-19.”

“Pig hunting is not only an enjoyable activity with significant mental and physical health benefits but is an extremely important food source for many whanau and communities. The fact is quite a number of families rely on pig hunting to fill their freezer.”

“Many farmers and other landowners have also contacted us over the last couple of weeks with concerns that pigs are encroaching on their land and they desperately need hunters to come and deal with them.”

“Whatever the Government decides and under whatever conditions are imposed it is important that all hunters adhere to the rules and be responsible,” says Fitzgerald. “The better we do that the sooner we can go hunting with no restrictions at all.”

Kiwis will find out at 4 pm today whether the country will come out of lockdown and move to alert level 3. News Whakatane will have full coverage on our website and Facebook Page.