By Katie Kingi

I have created a page called ‘Pass the Parcel for kids Whakatane’.

It’s a page for other mum’s in our community to share, give, borrow and lend our children’s pre-loved. good-quality items with other mum’s who are in need at the moment – all for free.

With shops being closed and a change of season, new mum’s and mum’s with children at home have been finding it really hard to get the essential items they need.

The page I created three weeks ago already has 455 members made up of mum’s all around our communities including Whakatāne, Awakeri, Edgecumbe and Kawerau.

We have been giving away bassinets, changing tables, premature baby clothes, brand new tin cans of formula, drones for the older kids, scooters, puzzles, uniforms and so many more amazing children’s items.

All of these items have been contactless pick ups and drops, and other mum’s have organised to pick up or drop of items after lockdown is over. Ensuring we all remain safe during this lockdown period.

I just wanted to share something positive about our community and let you know about how amazing our mum’s have been in our community during this time.

It has really bought us together and I’m so proud of the mum’s on this page and how much has been given to other mum’s and families in need.

Please see link below if you would like to see the private PTP for kids page