NZ Post has had to review the use of cheques as a form of payment, and as a result from the end of February will no longer accept them.

As many people will be aware, fewer and fewer people are using cheques because there are alternative ways to pay that are often easier and more secure, such as eftpos.

A number of large organisations and some banks are no longer accepting cheques. These changes have resulted in NZ Post losing its cheque processing partner.

The NZ cheque market has been declining at a rate of about 20% year on year, as paying by eftpos or online become the norm.

Currently, NZ Post accepts cheques for products like stamps and packaging, for some over the counter bill payments and to pay for post office boxes.

After 28 February 2020, NZ Post products and services in our retail outlets that are processed through a NZ Post specific sales system called PostLink will no longer accept cheques. Customers will need to use alternative methods of payment.