Ngahuia Muru’s dream to become a nurse will become a reality next year, thanks to a new Wintec scholarship.

The young Māori female achiever from Whakatane will study a Bachelor of Nursing as the first recipient of the Wintec Midlands Hockey Scholarship.

Last year Ngahuia completed NCEA Level 3 with Merit as the Deputy Head Girl of Whakatane High School, while also competing in sports at a regional and national level.

“The opportunity to have support from Midlands Hockey and Wintec will enable me to study for the career I want without financial burden,” she said.

She hopes to pursue her passion for sports and caring for people at Wintec next year. Being based in Hamilton means Ngahuia will have access to some of the top coaches and support systems, as well as the opportunity to progress into higher roles in health service management.

“I will also have access in the Waikato to some of the top coaches and support systems, which would help me gain further my skills in the game of hockey and give me the opportunity to join premier teams,” she said.

The new scholarship is being offered in recognition of Wintec’s commitment to Midlands Hockey.

Wintec has been sponsoring Midlands Hockey teams for a number of years. This relationship ensures practical learning opportunities for their sport science students.

Wintec’s Sport Science and Human Performance director Greg Smith says this scholarship is an opportunity for Ngahuia to be supported in her journey as a young Māori female achiever.

“The scholarship is an exciting development of the relationship we have with Midlands Hockey,” he says.

“They provide us with important practical learning opportunities for our students and in return we get to help young students train for a career at Wintec.”

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