Two ducklings have taken up residence in a Whakatane home after being rescued from the Heads on Friday evening.

Perry and Jean Byrne have spent a lifetime helping others. They’ve fostered children, picked up strays and nursed sick or abandoned animals to health before setting them free.

So it comes as no surprise the couple would take in ducklings found wandering around the streets without a mother.

Perry said he and Jean were driving through the Heads and stopped to ask a woman pushing a pram, whether she needed a ride as it had started to rain.

The woman said she was alright but had found some  ducklings on the road and didn’t want them to get run over.

After making sure there was no mother duck, the ducklings were bundled into the car and taken back to the Byrne home. Perry went out on Saturday and bought bird food while Jean built a duck home, complete with a pond, in the back lawn.

When we went to see the ducklings, they had taken over the kitchen and were happily feeding and watering themselves.

Also on the towel the ducklings were on, was a wooden box with “bird rescue – until they can fly away” written on the top.

Jean said the box had been used many times to home sick birds but it was important everyone knew they were only there temporarily and until they could fly away.

And this time will be no different.


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