As the response efforts in the south continue, two Bay of Plenty Civil Defence staff have packed their bags to lend a hand in Wellington.

This is in response to a request for assistance in the wake of Monday’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake near Hanmer Springs. Naomi Luckett and Paul Bourton left earlier today and will be helping with social media and logistics at the National Crisis Management Centre. It is expected further staff may be deployed to assist the effort as the response continues.

Bay of Plenty Emergency Management Director Clinton Naude says this is what we do and it’s great to be able to support this effort in any way we can.

“People often don’t realise how long support is required for after an event. Monday’s earthquake was a big shock and the clean-up will continue for some time so its important staff who have been doing long days are relived.”

“The work is continuing here in  the bay too. We have responded to more than 600 messages through Facebook, there has been a number of phone calls and we have seen an increase of internet traffic viewing our region wide Tsunami Evacuation Maps. We appreciate the thanks, queries and suggestions from the community as this helps us identify improvements”, says Mr Naude.

Check out http://bit.ly/2fDh0cq to see the three different tsunami evacuation zones for Bay of Plenty or your local city or district council’s website for more specific information for your area.

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