Every year when ANZAC day comes around again, it reiterates my why. April 25th is the day we stop the hustle and bustle in our lives, to reflect and pay tribute to the lives lost.

As a Maori I feel a sense of responsibility, that my actions are for the betterment of my people, not just me. ANZAC day is a deeply rooted day for all New Zealanders, because it is our shared history to this country, and each other.

We live in a safe and beautiful paradise that we do because they paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I feel beyond blessed to grow up in an age where anything is possible and I’m eternally grateful to our fallen soldiers and ancestors that shaped our country into what it is. My why: I choose to be a kaitiaki to our land and a helping hand to anyone in need in an attempt to repay the sacrifices made by our ancestors.

Although that debt can never be repaid ANZAC day reminds me to be grateful and kind

Te Waikamihi Lambert is head girl at Whakatane High School