Two exciting art exhibitions at Te Kōputu – Whakatāne’s Library and Exhibition Centre – are both coming to a close on 25 November, offering art lovers a last chance to appreciate some outstanding, locally inspired works.

Kutarere Sunrise by Whanganui artist Lauren Lauren Lysaght’ features a collection of exquisitely made objects and wall hangings, while Nature is my Church: Visions of the Eastern Bay of Plenty by James Stanbridge offers stunning images of iconic local scenes.

Artist Lauren Lysaght’ collection is a heartfelt tribute to her Kutarere-raised father, Nelson Lysaght. In Kutarere Sunrise, the artist takes the viewer back to her childhood and the butcher shop once owned by her dad. Inside you’ll find pinkish-red strings of saveloy and polony sausages, hanging on bright gold hooks, large choppers adorned with gold tassels and meat packs ready to be adorned with parsley. “I decided to do a show about my father being a butcher, as a tribute. So what do I focus on? I focus on the fact that these were really happy times and when I think about the things that go in in a butcher shop, I start off by making sausages,” says Lauren. 

On show next door is a collection of speculator Eastern Bay imagery captured by local photographer James Stanbridge, in his first solo exhibition at Te Kōputu. Each work has been meticulously edited, printed and framed by James himself; a new skill that has propelled his creative practice in a new direction. “This exhibition is a really tightly curated snippet of all the photos I’ve taken,” Stanbridge explains. “The editing process is about being really ruthless, culling out the shots that don’t really make the grade, and what’s left are the photos that shine.”

Exhibitions Coordinator Victoria Sinclair says both exhibitions provide “unique perspectives about life in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, revealed through different art forms and personal experience. So don’t miss this last, exciting opportunity.”

Find more information visit their website. James Stanbridge’s photographs are for sale – please ask the staff at Te Kōputu – Whakatāne’s Library and Exhibition Centre for assistance.