The Whakatāne District’s new kerbside recycling system starts next week, with a progressive roll-out for residents across the district.

The brochure delivered with each of the new yellow-lidded recycling bins explains how the system works, and when each area’s first fortnightly collection will take place. The Council website’s waste search tool (  has now been updated and can be accessed at any time to check the date of residents’ next recycling and greenwaste collections.

A key feature of the new system is that the existing recycling crate will now be used only for glass, with all other recyclable material – paper and cardboard, steel and aluminium cans, grades 1-7 plastics, and plastic bags – going in the yellow-lidded bin. While the recycling collection will be less frequent, the extra capacity provided by the new yellow-lidded bin will allow residents to recycle a greater volume of recyclable material. The ability to recycle grades 1 – 7 plastics (rather than just grades 1 & 2) will also mean more material is recycled and less waste is sent to landfill.

Recycling collections will be undertaken on the same day of the week as the general refuse collection, and on alternate weeks to the greenwaste collection, where that service is provided. Some residents in Ōhope and Murupara will see their greenwaste collection days change to accommodate the new service. Those people affected will receive letters setting out the new greenwaste collection arrangement.

Council Solid Waste Manager Nigel Clarke says the Council anticipates there will be a ‘settling in period’ while people get used to the new system.

“We know that separating out glass from the rest of the recycling stream has worked very well in other areas, and having a separate bin for other recyclables will allow us to increase the amount of material collected and reduce the volume and cost of the waste sent to landfill,” he explains. “We expect that people will also appreciate having a closed bin that means lighter material doesn’t get blown around, or water-logged when it rains. Our waste collection drivers tell us that many people are already putting out their new recycling bins. It’s great that people are so keen to use them, but we won’t have the equipment required to empty them available till next week, so please don’t put your new yellow-lidded bin out until your first recycling collection day in October.”

Anyone in doubt about how the new system works can check the brochure or fridge magnet supplied with the yellow-lidded recycling bins, go to the Council website, or ring the Council on 07 306 0500.

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