Whakatāne District Council regulatory staff are asking for the community’s help to identify people who are illegally dumping rubbish at various sites around the District. That follows a spate of illegal dumping in the past month, particularly along Tahuna Road.

Council Community Regulation Manager Graeme Lewer says he’s furious about the lack of respect for our environment that he’s seen in the past week alone. “While most residents dispose of their rubbish responsibly, it’s the same old story of a few people spoiling it for the rest.

“People might think they’re saving themselves some dollars by dumping illegally, but they’re putting that cost back on to the ratepayers, and on the environment,” he says. “We need help to identify the individuals responsible for this disgusting activity, so we can fine them and charge them the cost of disposal and officer’s time.”

Anyone who sees illegal dumping taking place is asked to record the vehicle registration number and any other information that may assist in identifying those responsible.

While some illegal dumping sites have been littered with basic household rubbish, others have been the drop-off point for whiteware and electrical appliances. Mr Lewer says a lot of these items can be donated to charity or even sold at a garage sale or on Trade me.

“We’ve recovered a number of items from dumping sites that could have easily been taken to Community Resources Whakatāne (CReW) in Te Tahi Street for reuse or repurposing.”

Mr Lewer says that while there are costs associated with taking waste to the Whakatāne transfer station, these only cover the cost of the responsible removal and disposal.

“We have a heap of resources available on our website (www.whakatane.govt.nz) and at our offices that will assist residents with tips on reducing residual waste, knowing what can be recycled and where different types of waste can be responsibly disposed of.”